COVID-19 Response Coordination Task Force

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the University is receiving a number of requests and suggestions about how Notre Dame can help, both locally and nationally. To assist, the COVID-19 Response Coordination Task Force has been created with representatives from across campus to field requests for advice, assistance, and support.

The Task Force interprets each request, assesses Notre Dame's capacity to address the need, and makes connections with appropriate resources on campus when possible. 

Current projects being coordinated by the Task Force range from helping the community with food distribution challenges to looking for testing methods and processes to determine who has the antibodies that indicate that a individual has had COVID-19.

Visit for the latest on the University's response to the global pandemic.

Submit a Request

To submit a request that could be addressed by the Task Force, please contact Jessica Brookshire.

Task Force Members

  • Jessica Brookshire (Chair), Senior Program Director, Office of Clinical Partnerships
  • Erin Blasko, Assistant Director, Office of Media Relations
  • Jay Brockman, Director, Center for Civic Innovation
  • Jay Caponigro, Director of Community Engagement, State and Local Public Affairs
  • Melanie DeFord, Assistant Vice President for Research, Notre Dame Research
  • Linda Kroll, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Matt Leevy, Director, IDEA Center Innovation Lab
  • Jarek Nabrzyski, Director, Center for Research Computing 
  • Bernard Nahlen, Director, Eck Institute for Global Health
  • Prakash Nallathamby, Associate Director of Research, Institute for Precision Health
  • Heather Reynolds, Managing Director, Laboratory for Economic Opportunity
  • Tracy Skibins, Senior Director of Emergency Management and Deputy Leader of the Emergency Operations Center, Notre Dame Police Department