Social Determinants of Well-being Task Force

The launch of the Social Determinants of Well-being Task Force is underway with an emphasis on catalyzing new research opportunities that leverage Notre Dame's faculty and staff expertise and capabilities in a broad range of areas related to social determinants of health and well-being.  

COVID-19: What Comes Next Forum

A key aim of the Task Force is to sponsor a public forum in Fall 2020 that identifies and discusses research interests and collaborations among Notre Dame faculty who have expertise and interest in social determinants of health and well-being.

Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for events or projects, at Notre Dame or in the community, that aim to make sense of the global pandemic and how it has affected, and will continue to affect, the local community. Faculty should apply their disciplinary training and creativity to reflect upon both "what just happened," and how we can equip ourselves to face the next global pandemic.

There is no restriction on discipline. Submissions may include:

  • Artistic and literary projects about the virus
  • Philosophical or sociological studies of social distancing
  • Historical or economic studies of the impact of pandemic on civic communities
  • Implications to local businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Questions related to relaxed standards of medical data privacy
  • Computer simulations/AI that models and/or predicts COVID-19 and how it manifests differently in various people
  • Any other conceivable way of addressing the coronavirus

Task Force Members

  • Heidi Beidinger (Co-Chair), Director, Global Health Masters, Biological Sciences
  • Catherine Bolten, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Peace Studies
  • Jessica Brookshire, Senior Program Director, Office of Clinical Partnerships
  • Jen Burke LeFever, Managing Director, William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families
  • Patrick Deegan, Advisor, Notre Dame Research
  • Gary Fromm, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Dan Graff, Professor of the Practice; Director Higgins Labor Program, History
  • Sarah Kroeger, Assistant Research Professor, Economics
  • Terry McDonnell, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Abi Ocobock, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Paul Perrin, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Pulte Institute for Global Development