Indiana CTSI

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is a statewide collaboration of Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame, as well as public and private partnerships. The Indiana CTSI works to promote and support translational research at the University of Notre Dame through strong collaboration and making research connections across the state. The Indiana CTSI is dedicated to leveraging and strengthening the state’s life sciences community to achieve better health for people in Indiana.

The Notre Dame partnership with Indiana CTSI is led by Melanie DeFord, Deputy Director and Assistant Vice President for Research. For connections to Indiana CTSI programs, please contact Jessica Brookshire (Social Science and Community) and Paul Helquist (Science and Engineering), Notre Dame Co-Navigators of the Indiana CTSI. 

Uncover Funding

The Indiana CTSI offers a range of funding opportunities from career development awards to pilot funding, which are available to Notre Dame faculty. To learn more about the Indiana CTSI's open funding opportunities, click here

Join the Discussion

In order to engage in discussion around relevant Indiana CTSI topics, annual retreats are held at each partner University.

The 2023 Indiana CTSI Retreat hosted by the University of Notre Dame will focus on "Indiana's Impact on Global Health" on Wednesday, March 8. To register, click here.

Past retreats have included,  "Modern Approaches to Drug Discovery" held in 2022 and "Social and Structural Determinants of Health" held in 2021.

To view upcoming Indiana CTSI events and educational opportunities, click here

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Ask the Experts

Indiana CTSI Project Development Teams (PDTs) provide investigators access to experts who can help implement high-quality pilot projects that generate successful external grant submissions. Pilot awards are typically up to $15,000 for two years. 

There are currently eight PDTs within the Indiana CTSI, which can be viewed here. 

Structural & Social Determinants of Health PDT

The Structural & Social Determinants of Health PDT comprises multidisciplinary faculty members from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, and Purdue University. This PDT supports basic, clinical and translational research that:

  1. Enables a deeper understanding of how social, economic, and environmental contexts shape patterns of health and wellness, including onset of diseases and disorders, within communities; and
  2. Informs effective treatments and interventions to promote equitable opportunities for good health and wellbeing

To discuss an idea with the Structural & Social Determinants of Health PDT, please contact Nitesh Chawla, Chair.